Posted by: quienessupa | July 21, 2008

Here’s the first blog

Well well well. I set this up to see if it’ll be good for blabbing about my time in Big Spring August 2-9th. I can’t wait. It’s going to be my second competition of many I hope. I wish I could just connect comps across the nation, but time is not on my side.
Flew Wolcott, CO last Saturday and it was fun, but crazy hard to get up. I had 10 minutes of immortality and got lower than I think I shoulda on the ridge before I headed out to the LZ. It’s my second flight on the Sport2 and I was really impressed/relieved that it’s glide was that good. I mean I must have glided 2 miles, feeling a little too low the whole time. Made it to the LZ with enough altitude to be comfortable, but no time for any set-up. Just kinda flew straight into land.
Thane and I introduced Jeff O’brien to Wolcott. He just got back from placing 10th out of 117 of the worlds best pilots at a comp. in France. He scratched low for a long time and eventually disappeared up there somewhere. Pretty cool to get spanked on your home turf. LOL Cool guy.
It’s my 10th or so flight with the MR Tenax harness, and now the 2nd on this Sport 2. Everyone says the Sport2 lands easy. Maybe easier than the Falcon 225 I had been flying. I was suspicious of the claim, but I think it lands on magic really. I just kinda sorta push out at flare time and it stops my like a parachute. mosh Both landings have been perfect, although I’m flaring a little late I think. I’m gonna have to be careful not to let me landing technique get sloppy. drool AWESOME!!!
I think it’s trimmed too slow right now, but will have to deal with that after some more flying. Too busy with other crap right now!

Here is a video to tide you over…


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