Posted by: quienessupa | August 24, 2008

Big Spring and Telluride HD Video

Here’s a shot at an HD video.  Davis Straub opens this one up as he’s giving the weather expectations in Big Spring on the morning of the 214 mile task(Longest in history).  Then there’s some stuff that’s out of place, but it’s me all giggly after a 236 mile flight to break the declared distance record, and getting picked up to go to Colorado the next day.  Then, Telluride flying the weekend I got back.  Life is goooood!  LOL.  Gwen(wife) bought me 2 T-shirts as a gift for the new world record.  The HD video really makes this one.  Once I get software, or a system for editing that isn’t so painful, I’ll have some better stuff.

Make sure the “HD is on” and put it in full screen mode for best results.

Lessons learned, I’d never recommend using .mov files with Adobe Premier Elements.  I did it, and had to put up with 5 computer crashes, a blue screen of death and some editing losses and re-do’s.  I guess Adobe is great with .avi files.  Not sure what I’ll use next time, but something very different!  Comments/suggestions are always welcome!


  1. That was spectatcular!! I saved the 100MB flv file from my browser cache for future viewing too. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Hi,

    Cool Vid flying over some awesome country, the view must have been amazing, what are you using for your Vid camera, nice clear footage.


  3. I’m using an Aiptek HD 1080p. It’s super cheap at Walmart or Target and has NO frills. No zoom, bad in low-light. Side effect is that it’s super light, records to flashmemory and durable. That video was 720p but it will do 1080p, which I’ll do next time. Only did 720 b/c it goes to 60fps, but since my editing software only compiles in 30fps, I might as well use the 1080p/30fps setting. Glad you liked the video! later.

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