Posted by: quienessupa | March 22, 2009

Big Turnout at Lookout 3-21-09


The above picture is Fred on the S. Launch waiting to pounce.  After dive bombing him, I went out expecting to commit a top landing, but Steve and I began circling which inspired him to join us.


Steve Ford and I going back and forth between small cores.  (above and below pics)



Lots of us out there.  Guessing 6 HG’s and maybe 15 PG’s.  Great fun.  But it got busy when sink cycles came and we all scrapped the same lift!




Dennis Pagen was out with us using Sparky’s Sport2.  I shared a couple thermals with him at the same altitude which was awesome.  Might be him in the above picture.  He got a great 1:25 flight, getting low and climbing back up many times. 

Alex got a cool shot of my dear mistress, the Sport2:


Everyone seemed to have a great time.  There was a great looking cloudstreet connecting to Boulder but the wind was too South to launch in the morning.  Then it got too N to launch at times.  Then, I think the shear layer combined with the extra moisture caused it to just blow up everywhere.  Weird day.  XC skies was saying 14k useable lift, but I don’t think anyone got over 8 or 9k.

BTW, the day before had this crazy looking Mammata clouds above my house….  Ghost Mammata…



Flights:  3

Toplandings:  2 great ones

Airtime:  1 hour

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