Posted by: quienessupa | March 26, 2009

Yaesu VX170 Mod (Works on FT270 too)

Here’s how I opened up my Transmit (Tx) and Receive (Rx) on the Yaesu vx-170.  Out of the box, this 2meter radio only works on 144-148Mhz.  This quick procedure increases the operating range to 137-174MHz.

1.  Take off the battery.

2.  Remove the black sticker in the battery compartment to reveal this:



3.  Next, you can either pop off the Resistor by putting an exacto blade under it and twisting, or you can just make a small cut in the circuit I’ve pointed out where to cut with the red arrow.  Benefit of cutting the circuit and leaving the resistor is that you could just touch the circuit up later with a drop of solder and the radio will be back to 2meter only frequencies.  That’s what I did.

The below picture shows my cut.  image

4,  Next, while holding down the PTT and the button under it at the same time, turn on the radio.  The screen will read “SETRST”.


5.  Rotate the dial knob until it reads “ALLRST”, then press F (bottom left button)


6.  Done.  To make sure it worked, tune to a channel outside the 144-148 range and push the PTT.  It read “ERROR” when I hadn’t sliced the circuit sufficiently.



  1. Since that’s a zero-ohm resistor (equivalent to a wire), removing it is a better idea than cutting circuit traces. You can still restore the radio to its original operation by putting a blob of solder where the resistor used to be.

  2. just “cut” the circuit,if you need to restore it use a pen ( grafit) instead of solder ( i am not joking,try it 🙂 )

  3. Zero Ohm resistor? Why would you put a zero Ohm resistor at all??

  4. This is how electronics designers make things optional. If that circuit is connected, the microprocessor does not allow transmitting on the non-ham frequencies. If it isn’t connected, then it does allow it. It’s like putting in a switch that’s designed to be in only the open or closed position, rather than flipped by the user. If they are making a batch of radios for sale to someone authorized to use the non-ham frequencies, they would build them without the resistor in place. The whole point of a zero-ohm resistor is to be an optional jumper across a gap in a circuit. Since the machinery is already set up to handle things that are the size and shape of resistors, they make these jumpers look like resistors.

    Basically, the engineer who designed this board already put a cut in the circuit for you, and installed a jumper across it that is easy to remove. That’s why the resistor is there. Making a separate cut is a weird thing to do. It’s like cutting a hole in the side of a cereal box to get the cereal out instead of opening the top.

  5. Ahh Got it … Thanks

    I can Understand both approaches, I guess you cut the line just because the resistor is hard to get out and put back if needed if you only have a basic solder gun .

  6. The resistor is easy to remove. Takes very little heat, or you can just yank it off (or crush it). Replacing it with a blob of solder is actually easier than bridging a cut with solder, because of the solder mask.

  7. This modification also works on the Yaesu FT-270, a radio that is almost identical to the VX-170.

    The modification procedure is almost identical. I opted to pop the jumper off with a knife.

  8. i see you know about this radio.would you tell me why my radio is not is quite new.i can recieve but i can not transmit over 50 mt..the antenna is bended a little bit this can cause that ?anything else to check ?thx..

  9. i have just opened up my FT270R and there wasnt any 0 ohm resistor in it. I can tx from 136 – 174Mhz.

  10. Thanks. This works very well. Just using a kitchen knife to scrape through the wire in the area illustrated worked well.

  11. Have a new FT-270 and anxious to give this a try.

  12. I’m fairly new to amateur radio, and I own a FT-270. I popped the resister/jumper off and it works great!

    Couldn’t be happier. 73s!

  13. Tanks, I did not got any “error” or text it gos to 144,000 and after that i can go were i want
    Tanks again.

  14. Any idea if/how I can get my VX177 to use 6.25 channel step? Is there a mod for it? Forgive me, this may be basic info to you but I’m new to radios.

  15. Hello,

    I did this operation, it works from 136 to 174 but the keyboard doesn’t work anymore and all the functions are not operative. Is it a consequence of the cutting action or did I do something wrong?

    • A good reason not to cut , crush or knife . You may have damaged something else in the effort . Really , the best way is to desolder the indicated 0 ohm resistor . Makes for a very clean operation that allow the option to restore to original at a later date . Not only that , it doesn’t look like a hack has been inside the radio . If you are not familiar with surface mount work and/or do not have the equipment simply find a decent tech to do it for you .

  16. I have an FT 270R, it worked like a charm! I just cuted with my vitorinox like the picture.

    Now some keywords to find ths post in spanish: banda corrida, liberar yaesu ft 270r. desbloquear. Paso a paso.

  17. […] Yaesu FT270  $139.00 on Ebay  (This is the one I purchased)  By removing a resistor this unit can be modified from 144-148Mhz  to 137-174MHz. […]

  18. I must be getting old. That resistor is the size of a speck of dust and difficult for my old eyes to see. I had to use a magnifying glass and an x-acto knife but it did the trick. Thanks for the tip.

  19. What camera lens did you use to get such a nice close up photo of those small parts?

  20. Thank you for the modification. My radio now has wider TX range. I personally prefered the component removal method. This method leave the circuit board in the untouched condition.


  21. Thank you for the modification. My radio now has wider TX range. With the technical background, I personally prefered the component removal method over trace cutting. It rather messy with you make a mistake while cutting the circuit trace.


  22. Hola, muy buena info lo voy a traducir al español y lo subo a mi blog… les dejo el credito al suyo, 73’s!

  23. Для FT-270 после удаления вышеуказанного резистора сразу открылся весь диапазон на передачу. Вся процедура заняла 1 минуту!!!

  24. I just unsoldered my 270. It was easy and works like a charm. Thanks.

  25. what about the ft-277r(440) same mod?

  26. I have an FT 270 and my balls seem to have grown steadily since I bought it. It’s starting to be painful and embarrasing. Could this trick of removing the resistor help? Should I go see a doctor?

    • what do you mean

  27. My yaesu vx 170 doesn’t have a resistor on the circuit board. It was working on a 154.370 frequency but now isn’t. What could be the problem?

  28. Hello there, There’s no doubt that your website may be having web browser compatibility problems. When I take a look at your blog in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in IE, it’s got some overlapping issues.
    I merely wanted to provide you with a quick heads up!
    Aside from that, wonderful blog!

  29. Do you have to reprogram the radio if your radio has been programmed before this Mod?Anthony

    • No, reprogramming is not necessary.

  30. Thank U for the quick reply. Anthony

  31. Very simple – just needed a magnifying glass to see the resistor – it really is tiny! I flipped out one end using swiss army knife blade and opened up the TX frequenciez in a couple of minutes – very helpful – many thanks!

  32. Popping off the jumper was much easier using a jewelers screw drive. I was
    never able to cut the circuit enough to work

  33. Did the Mod on a FT270-R and it worked like a charm…

    That tiny resistor is no bigger than 1x3mm though so keep looking for it 😉

  34. I wanted to thank all you u I just did the mod on a ft 270 and it worked perfect .

  35. I need a picture of this on a ft 270 don’t want to mess up thanks.

    • Got it thanks again perfect mod.

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