Posted by: quienessupa | April 20, 2009

Road Trip 09


This is about as free as it gets.  Neither Gwen or I have a job, no businesses, no volunteer positions and no school for kids yet.  We’re hitting the road for a couple weeks to see family, try camping with the mini-me’s and to find places unscene and under used.  Stage 1 of the triangle is Gwen’s parents house in Phoenix, AZ. 


On the way, we’ll check out Sante Fe National Forest for some camping/hiking.  Then through Mingus (Flagstaff, AZ area) for a shot at some AZ airtime.  We’ll park it at her parents house for a week or so.  There’s a cool hang glide launch off South Mtn in Phoenix that I’d love another shot at soaring from.  I’m hoping that 97 degree weather will give me my first ’09 “hang onto your biscuits” kinda thermals!  Here’s the big picture plan…

Google Map

Stage 2 is from PHX to DFW (my parents).  This 1000 mile leg is mostly new territory for both of us and Carlsbad Caverns is a big highlight.  I frickin love caves.  In college we used to explore old mine shafts and man did that make some memories.  Also, near Carlsbad is a fairly legendary flying site called the Guads (Guadalupe Mountains).


From launch, it’s about 70 miles to the nearest gas station.  With 2 kids it’s going to take some creative efforts to keep them entertained.

So far, we have a kite, a cornhole game (bean bags in holes), and a brand new 3 room tent to stay comfy.  Smores will help too.  🙂  I’m excited that the Guads can be toplanded making everything easy for us!  But if I sink out to the bottom LZ, it’s a 45 minute drive (1 way) for them to come get me.


Gwen calls me a “skirt” for covering my nose when it’s #2, but I know she just wishes she had a nose like mine to hold up a shirt so well.

After the Guads and exploring the Carlsbad Caverns, we’ll get in high gear for the best Texmex spots in Ft Worth, TX.  Mexican Inn and Joe-T Garcia’s are epic gut busting places.


Miss Potato Head…

If anyone know’s of unique, or great kids type entertainment in any towns or along our route, holler at me!  Sitting Bull Falls is a waterfall and swimming hole near the Guads that we might try.

Hot Springs anywhere?  Oh boy, oh boy.  Leaving in 2 days…

-The Herrings

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