Posted by: quienessupa | May 4, 2009

Lookout 5-3-9

circling up w MR

Pulled in the driveway at 5:30am this morning from PHX.  Our epic road trip to PHX, then Ft.Worth TX got cut short b/c of sick kids and Mom and Ft. Worth decided to become some kind of epicenter for swine flu.  It’s good to be home anyway!

Pre-launch buzz

It was pretty good if you launched at the right times.  They had a good morning session and I think Sam got to 8500ft.  I think Rusty, MR and I launched around 1 or 1:30 as the midday heating overtook the super Southy conditions and it was on.  3 pgs by M

With so many of us out there finding the thermals, it was awesome fun.  It was fun circling with MR as I got my first thermal from below launch and him and I got some money in the bank there.  Then it was cake.  The glide of my HG was real useful as there were some decent patches of sink to blaze through.

Pre-launch buzz2

I really like this helmet.  The chin gaurd doesn’t stick out as far down as the previous Icaro I had and just looks aerodynamic.  I dove at launch after an hour of flying and came around for satisfying top landing. 


After chit chatting, it was time to relaunch.  The sun had just gone behind a thickening deck of clouds and I figured it was either launch now before the ground cools off and try to get one last climb in, or the day was over.  It was 20 minutes of struggle but in watching the video later I think my hunger and lack of sleep kicked in b/c I let a thermal get away from me.  From the couch it’s always easier.


Flew close with 3 different birds today.  A big Red Tail Hawk, something about the same size but not sure, and a little swallow type thing that was darting all over the place as if it was chasing bugs.  I was going to follow the hawk but he was headed over sinky looking territory to I stayed with my thermal.

Flights: 2

Airtime:  1:35

Max Alt:  9150ft

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