Posted by: quienessupa | June 9, 2009

MR Tenax for sale

BJ Sport2 - Copy

Here she is.  Pictures galore.  As an unemployed dude, it’s time to start cleaning out my extra’s.  I had gotten a new Matrix Race for the WRE this summer so it’s time to offload.  This MR(Manfred Ruhmer) Tenax set the Rigid Wing Declared distance world record (7 hour flight) with me.  It’s a very comfy harness. 

I’m 5’11” tall, 165 lbs.  I’m sure it can fit a couple inches shorter and easily someone several inches taller since I put in a couple inches of padding on the plastic thing you stand on while laying prone.





That blue neoprene was put there when we were trying to protect the “boys”.  But, when I started flying with it instead of just experimenting in the garage, the “boys” weren’t getting pinched.  So it was a non-issue. 


I lifted up the removable boot cover here so you can see what shape the harness is in.  There’s no real scuffing, and definitely no holes.  The cover that’s lifted up has holes.  That’s how it came to me so I’ve kept duct tape on top of the cover to make sure the harness didn’t get scuffed from walking around.  I took off the duct tape for these pictures.


The angle-dangle is set by this little friction device.  You just kinda move yourself to what angle you want and it sticks.  It helps if you lift your shoulders or legs to unweight this rope, but not really necessary.  It’s pretty cool.


Above shows the truck tow and aerotow loops.  I’m holding open the camelback pouch, and the plastic boot thing is in view.  It’s great for storage of harness bags and glider pads/bags.

Zipper works great.  Never blows out, except once when I didn’t start it right.  The main slider, which is a rope, is in good shape.  I haven’t changed it since I got it a year or so ago.  I have changed that little angle-dangle rope a couple times.  It’s good to keep an eye on it where it connects into the backplate. 

I’ve been flying with a BIG parachute in it b/c my Atos weighs 100 pounds.  So I know a Quantum 330 (with kevlar bridle) fits in it.

Not looking to make any money on this, just want a fair price.  It’s been a good harness and it needs to keep getting in the air.  Got it for $500, I’ll sell it for $280.  I’m afraid I don’t have a bag or carabiner to go with this.  Comment on the blog here, or give me a ring at 303-513-0998 and we’ll get’r’dun.

BJ Herring


  1. Interested.

    You say you are 5’11” but think it will adjust down for someone shorter? I’m probably 5’7″ in boots, same weight.

    How much for shipping to 91701 CA

    designbydave – gmail DOT com



  2. Hey BJ,
    I will buy your harness if you still have it. I am a “new” pilot that has a custom made harness being made but it looks like at least another 4 weeks before that is done and I want to fly now 🙂

    Same height and I’m only 7lbs less than you so it should be a perfect fit.

    You can contact me at brandon at elite dash ars dot com. I will also leave you a PM on

    Thanks in advance,

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