Posted by: quienessupa | November 3, 2009

Halloween at the Herrings

Snow Pumpkin help

IMG_0401 15563_164539729493_680024493_2650793_1900935_n

We got a good foot and a half right before halloween so I made a big pile of snow.  When Jared (Sister’s man) came over we got to thinking and decided we’d chainsaw a pumkin out of the thing.  Then the neighbors got a wild hare and made this, complete with orange spray paint inside:


snow truck At this point, one report said this storm could easily double the 1-2 feet we’d already gotten before the next day.  Unfortunately, it didn’t do a bunch more.

Halloween costumes

Mine are the ladybugs.  Niece and Nephew in the middle.  I still need to see Transformers II.  I hear great things.

My sisters’ new little thing.  They call it Rocco.


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