Posted by: quienessupa | December 17, 2009

Nikon Festival Contest!

I hope my video/edit convey’s my passion for Hang Gliding.

Below is Rich Crowder’s ( edit/perspective

Momma took my key to the piggy bank and swallowed it.  This is plan B… Moving to defcon zero.

100_1276 100_1502

Somehow, these puppies are sympathetic…

Zapata 2010 needs to get back on track and some more aggressive Colorado branch WRE attempts could be supported.  But I’ll need help.  Just once, and sometime between Dec. 22 and Jan 13th, I’ll make a plea for a view and hopefully a nice rating.  The highest rated video can win the 25k prize!  If the judges like it best, it could win 100k!



1. New Icarco 4Fight helmet (smashed other one)

2. Two Yaesu VX-150 radio’s for XC and Zapata

3. Wide angle lens for taking video/photography to the next level.  And wireless remote system

4. HD video camera (dropped mine)

5. Suitable aerobatic glider

6. LOTS of free drinks for pilot friends and a Colorado Branch WRE support division maybe.



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