Posted by: quienessupa | July 12, 2010

Independence in Telluride


Old WWII plane giving a fantastic fly-by during the parade.  4 F-16’s came by shortly after that gave everyone goose-bumps.  Some tears.  😉  Video of the F-16’s here (PS:  Wait for the 2nd plane):


Video landing my Sport2 at Telluride.  Looks like I was landing downwind…%(&#$:


Jason’s kid, Will, will require close supervision with my daughters in the future.  Cute picture, for now.

2010-07-05 17.42.12

Airtime in T – 20 minutes…

jason's iphone 971

I like this picture Jason took.  The riding is phenomenal.  There’s a new dnhill trail just built that has amazing features including a jump across a road.

jason's iphone 983

Jason’s new I-phone4 took this picture.  The fireworks display and echo’s around the box canyon were mind-blowing.  A camera fell off the microwave back at the house from the percussive shocks.  Better than a concert.


All the kids got a kick out of seeing me land.  Maddie’s got a great expression here. 

Airtime: 2:10


PS, the weekend before at Lake Granby was worthy of mention… Our favorite Irish family, the O’Connell’s show’ d us a great time on the lake…

Juuuuuuust sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,

A tale of a grateful skip (per),

that started on this ‘party barge’,

yes we had more than a sip.

2010-06-26 14.38.08

The Cap’n was mighty sailin man,

the barge a hearty make,

that outran a storm for an hour straight,

till we ran out of lake.

2010-06-26 14.52.22

Mary Ann,


The Skipper Too


The wind picked up and pushed our barge,

It took three of our hats,

But then we heard the ker-plunk, plunk

and I think I might have shat.

2010-06-26 15.20.55


2010-06-26 15.48.07 

The next day was awesome too, but sunny and a more traditional day on the lake.  As a pontoon boat aficionado once told me… “The skies are always clear on the nautical mile”. 

Aye Aye.


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