Posted by: quienessupa | August 2, 2008

Big Spring Day 1

We set out on a 76 mile downwind task today. The 8 rigids launched first at 12:15, task opened an hour later. Getting to fly around all these REAL pilots that have been around the comp scene for a while is the coolest thing here. All 8 of us rigid’s made it. I came in 5th which is peachy! My VR helps. There were 2 VQ’s, a Phantom, and the rest are VR’s and a VXR. Fun group of guys here and even met tex, an guy. JYflyer got third and smoked me by half an hour. I’m just glad to come in that close to him!
I tried to follow the cloud streets and connect the clouds b/c I hear they’re were the lift is, but I have no clue how to tell when one’s gonna work or not. I’m gonna have to build confidence in that. I was going through a small blue spot and caught the thermal of my flight in the middle and took it to base as the wispies formed above me. That was SWEET. Took off at an airport, crossed an airport, and landed at another after 3 hours. Today was an “easy” day they say and the task committee is predicted to punish us tomorrow. Maybe over 100 miles.
Anyway, I was gonna put a link to video at cloudbase from today(9200ft) but I don’t have video manipulating software on this computer. Any suggestions for a free dnload?
I might not be posting much here if I can’t get some pictures of video’s to ya. Snapshots of my video didn’t work either for crying out loud. I can do a screenshot, but it won’t paste in paint. Whatever, my arms are tired. Goodnite chall from Texas.

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