Posted by: quienessupa | August 4, 2008

Big Spring Day 2 and 3

Look close, says 214 above his elbow

Look close, says 214 above his elbow

What a couple days. Where to start. Day 2 was the longest task in the history of hang gliding competitions. 215 miles downwind. I was first to launch and broke a weak link 50 feet up. Nobody wanted to launch in the strong wind after seeing mine. So I got to have at it again. This time the cart was messed up and made me roll left or the wing runner dude held onto my wing. Everyone that saw it said that’s what it was, but all I know is I cam off the cart that was headed into the grass ASAP so I could get up and get the thing yawed back in line with the tug. Everyone said I was as close as it gets to cartwheeling my glider down the field…
So, cheated death.. then of the 8 rigids, only 4 decided to fly. The winds were strong. We got up and JYflyer and I flew together, rushing fast since that’s his MO. (And he really knows his stuff). 20 miles out we got low(3800) which was 1-1200 over the ground. He showed me the goods and we were back in business. Kept on cruisin and we were in the lead. James Stinnet was in pursuit in his Aeros Phantom and JY took off higher than me and I had to keep climbing. He landed at the 74 mile mark and around then, Stinnet and I were racing neck and neck, but 10 miles apart. It was neat how Stinnet and I would be over different towns, but both have difficulty in the same stretches of Texas. From mile 130 until 180 was super hard to gain alt. We both felt like the day was ending. After 180 miles of perfectly flat landing utopia, a 10 mile wide canyon. I was only 1500 or 2k over and couldn’t make the commitment to landing in this canyon. Specially since the wind was rippin from 15-25 on the ground. Oh well. I think I coulda squeaked over it and made the other side but it reminded me too much of a time I drifted over indian country and got my as# in a sling. I’m cool with 180 miles! Previous personal best was 101. SuWEET! I got second for the day in the rigid class. Stinnet squeaked over with an extra 2k than me and was rewarded with great climbes to make it first into the 215 mile goal! One rigid, and 5 flexes made goal. History in the making…
Day 3, just got back. Big awesome day for me. 109 mile task with a doglet in it. It was my first real cloudstreet and I was rippin cool to be up around 10-11k for miles and miles. Cold. And it’s over 100 on the ground which makes it that much cooler. thumbsup . I was making such good time that I thought I was gonna win the day, but I got 4th or 5th. Theses dudes are so fast. All 8 rigids made goal and 12-15 flexes made it. The 19 mile glide into goal was as cool as the cloud street zooming. The 6030 said I had it with 2k feet to spare so I went for it, but I could swear I was low. I couldn’t even see the town I was heading towards. That was neat. I got there with 500ft to spare. I kept going faster and faster b/c I knew JYflyer was on my tail. He had a bad start, but flew the course way faster than me. But, at the end of the day…
10 minutes after landing we got a call that JYflyer’s tug and our good friend Tim the pilot had gone down. Tim is ok, but he’s lucky to be alive. The cockpit was demolished and non-existent. Keep him in your thoughts for a good recovery. His injuries are recoverable. Punctured lung, broken ribs/arm/hand and skin is missing. He’s the best guy you’d ever meet and we’re so lucky to still have him around to tell him that. Info will probably be all over the ozreport. Later ya’ll. Wish us luck.
-Team Colorado.

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