Posted by: quienessupa | February 26, 2009

Nosara, Costa Rica – Surf town

So these little monkey’s cruise across the trees in our back yard.  I think maybe 20 of them came by in a troop yesterday.  One had the smallest litte baby clinging on for dear life.  Their the most entertaining animal to watch ever.  Thoughtful, and acrobatic.  They make a highway out of some branches here that look like they’re on the verge of breaking off.  And they use their long tails like a back-up “belay” device.  That little sucker is always holding onto something sturdy.

Weird bugs.. A geko had a face-off with an enormous leaf bug on the banister above our porch.  Geko went under the leaf bug’s legs and continued on as the leaf bug decided to chase the geko for a while.  The big beetle was about the size of a golf ball.  If that sucker landed on me, I’d scream like a little girl.  An armadillo came by our porch yesterday too.  I’ll try to get a picture of a big Iguana soon and some other wierd racoon like thing… which by the way took a huge duece on our pool deck.

Oh yeah, surfing is a blast.  Had my first 2 days and the sunset surf session last night made it clear why people get addicted to surfing.  It’s like Hang Gliding in many ways.  Seems impossible to master, you’re at the mercy of conditions to some extent, and the rewards of getting it right are pretty dang special.  Paddling out thru the big waves and getting just beat down…  and performing a thing called “pearling” where you try to get on a wave, but miss and fall over the curl into the wave adds enough punishment to create a special respect for the strength of these things.  And adds to the enjoyment ridiculously.

Pura Vida

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