Posted by: quienessupa | February 27, 2009

Costa Rica 2

Yesterday, things were coming together in the surf world.  And the sunset surf session is amazing again.  Smaller waves yesterday and hopefully today which makes for great practice on just transitioning to our feet.  Got to ride some waves all the way in on my feet which was the goal.  It’s hard, and the feeling of paddling to catch a wave and getting up high on the crest as you try and dive the board forward and jump to your feet at the same time is a riot.  Mostly b/c the downside at that point is a substantial pummeling if it’s not done right.  Hilarious really.  A load of jellyfish piled into the beach last night in a short span and a couple of us surfers got stung.  Those things freak me out.

Did you know you can’t put toilet paper in the toilets here?  That’s a culture shocker.  Also, there’s a racoon here that’s been super cute, but he’s got a thing for taking morning poops right on the pool trap covers each morning.  Not on my good side.  Last night when we were taking the discovery channel close ups of the armadillo (below), the coon kept approaching in the dark and weirding me out.  Felt like I was about to get flanked by a rabid animal!  Anyway, survived it to see him tonight again probably.  He’s going to have to stop pooping on the pool deck or we can’t be friends anymore.

The kids are having a great time at our pool and the deck.  And watching the wierd bugs/animals.  Also, ordering food here is challenging b/c my Spanish is horrendous.  If they don’t understand what you’re asking you’ll get what they guess… Like yesterday, I ordered an Orange Juice and got three smoothies.  LOL!  Got to roll with it.  It’s great fun and they have good humor’s luckily.  Also, if you don’t ask for the check, it will never come b/c they don’t want to rush you.  Cool, different.

Pura Vida

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