Posted by: quienessupa | March 3, 2009

Costa Rica 3

A Coatimuhndi came thru here!  It moved like a cat and didn’t like all the attention it was getting so bolted.  There seem to be a fair amount of skinny house cats running around.  Minus the house.  Very friendly tho.

The bottom right picture has a big Iguana right in the center.  That sucker was making his neck fin go up and down when I took the picture.  All the other ones I’ve seen were mostly greenish brown.  This one was black and white.  Looked like “Stripe”, the lead Gremlin.  BIG!

I got some pictures this morning while a bunch of vultures were doing their thing down extra low.  Early, they scratch maybe 50-100ft over our house before the heat of the day kicked in.  Today, they took a break in the trees behind the pool as they fell out of the thermals.  They gave it the typical Hang Glider try.  Several flapped back up a couple times before giving up and landing for 30 minutes.  When the day gets stronger, they all work together to center in a “house” thermal that’s directly upwind of here.  Their teamwork and the way they are all trying slightly different circles and merging into the best working cores dynamically reminds me of flying at lookout with all the PG’s.  These birds do it all day every day and will drift over our place all the way to the ocean and then drive back upwind to the hill/house thermal.  They only get about 2k max altitude.  Super entertaining.  I’m guessing these things are 5ft across.

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