Posted by: quienessupa | July 15, 2009

Fort Worth, Texas : My Home Town

Texas July Visit 003 

Parked at the Rall Ranch.  A place where my whole TX family spent most holidays growing up and bazillions of other occasions.  We’re down in Texas to try and support them during a horrible tragedy.  It’s almost unspeakable but I know Dustin has a warrior heart and can make it through this.  Last week, he suspected something was up with his wife of 2 weeks and rushed home to find the dogs cowering in a corner.  She was dying from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.  While she had a pulse, he couldn’t revive her.  

I’d just met her once but knowing Dustin all my life, I can’t help but feel like I’m sharing in the experience.  It’s been terrible and he’s dealing with it head on and better than I would have.  She had struggled with depression historically and just lost a battle with it in a weak moment.  The entire Herring family has been keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.  He has a great support group of friends and family and is well respected and cared for.  I hope that helps speed his recovery and bring him peace.


My family just wanted to get down to Texas as fast as possible for Dustin so we drove through the night.  Now, thanks to my Mom and her plans, she can drive Gwen and the kids back up to Colorado for me while I go down to Zapata tomorrow with Dad.  It’s hotter than two moles screwing in a wool sock down here.  It hit 108.9 degrees yesterday in Fort Worth, officially.  I can’t really imagine what it’s going to be like further south in Zapata.

Texas July Visit 086

A buddy that spends a lot of time in South Texas says it’s pretty extreme with rattlers, thick desert thorn bushes, cactus, and the things caught in the below shots from a deer stand in South Texas during March.

pic18007 pic09758


pic32209 pic10383

Wow.  Anyway, going to bring a bunch of water b/c the heat is all I’m really concerned about.  Meanwhile, I’ve got some serious TexMex to conquer.

Texas July Visit 040

This is my kid.  The one that looks like me they say.  Trying to make her nose smaller I suppose.

Texas July Visit 032

Today we took a QUICK picture outside at Joe T Garcia’s… A TexMex restaurant that haunts my dreams while living in Colorado.  The food coma put most of us out for the afternoon.   Left to right, Gwen (wife), Me, Sis-Sarah, Mom, Dad, Sis-Emily, and Bro-Collin (playing a joke).  My 2 kids on the left, Sarah’s kids on right. 

Texas July Visit 030

Texas July Visit 097

Collin’s step child (Weeza) on the left, mine on the right (Morgan).  Guess he saved some money on the smaller model.

Texas July Visit 034 Long day in the pool at Nana and Pop-Ben’s house.

Tomorrow, Zapata drive….  Sure will miss the kiddos’ and Mom while I’m gone.

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