Posted by: quienessupa | July 21, 2009

Head suspension


I’ve gotten to test my little contraption here in Zapata and it’s working like a charm.  My motivation is that after the 3-4 hour mark, my neck gets a bit soar.  And after a 7 hour flight last year, I remember it becoming hard to think straight b/c of the strain.  So, I came up with this spring system to take some of the weight off my neck during my attempts at 11 hour flights here in Zapata.

Since there’s dead space in my helmet (in more way than one), I could put in a small spring system that would be enclosed and not creating a bunch more drag like the others systems I’ve seen.  I bought a 4 dollar key chain thing at Lowes that extends and retracts 24inches.  It was easy to replace the chain in that thing with any old string you want.  I used PG lines that I had lying around.


The junction above is made up of these things…. from left to right…  Yellow PG line, random clip I found in the garage, weak link cord, and then the other white PG line that extends up to the carabiner.  A very low drag system and by changing the length of the weak link cord I can fine tune it tighter for more support, and looser for less sprung support.  It’s worked great so far.  I’ve got 7 hours airtime with it at this point.  When I unclip it, it just snugs up against the helmet:


I don’t want to open it back up again, but the main “coiler” part of this thing is held inside the empty void of the helmet with velcro and has stayed there great.  Doesn’t rattle.  I put the extra white plastic thing on there with hot glue and tried to get hot glue in the hole I drilled so as to lubricate the paraglider cord against the fiberglass helmet.

These pictures are from the Zapata airport terminal.  Its’ blowing like stink out there today but there isn’t supposed to be much wind up high so I might go for a 100km triangle record.

Happy flying.


Later addition.  The PG line broke after 7 hours use.  I put in a thicker PG line and that’s going strong after 60 hours with some fraying.  Here’s a couple more pictures:



You don’t have to take the helmets’ foam out for this, mine’s just out because I am seeing if I can replace it b/c a a little head-crash.  ;(


Another thing.  Here’s a picture of the key-chain thing I got from Lowes before opening the package.  I bought 2 just in case and b/c they’re so cheap.



  1. i dont think this guy knows anything i hear that rookies dis his atmospheric analysis in his back yard.
    good luck slacker get a job

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