Posted by: quienessupa | September 27, 2010

4 Flights at Moose’s Airfield


*One Foot Up*

JT and I both thought the air was glassy smooth this morning.  I took up his 225 falcon early (8:30am?) and then he took a passenger that was there for an adventure.  Unfortunately, looking at the ground on take-off got his stomach rotating around his body so JT cut the flight short.  Bummer it didn’t work out b/c the guy was a peach of an older gent.  He would have loved it.


After the unbelievably smooth tow, and the overwhelming feeling that this flex-wing AeroTow business is settled, I towed up the 225 behind Moose for his first ever non-rigid tow.  He’s got 40 hours in the DragonFly already!  Anyway, it was perfect. 


Went on to tow my Sport2 (Mid-day) for the first time with the tail Mark Windsheimer made… and behind Moose… Perfect flying on both ends of the rope I must say.   


Above is Moose in the Dragonfly (Top Right) 


Tim, our usual DragonFly pilot got to fly his Sport2 today since Moose is tugging now.  Tim, who’s flown a hang glider 3 times in the past 2 years, sure got the rust off quick as he out climbed me in both thermals we shared.  Can’t wait to fly with him more often!  Great day all around… A skosch hot out there, but at 10kft it was 65!  Only Tim could tell us what the temp was at 12!

We used 149.500 today and got to talk with the South Park guys truck towing.  Craig McMillan was at 13kft at the time!  Thanks to Tom B. for helping set up my Sport2!

“All clear on the nautical mile”

Flights:  4

Miles:  2  (Tried a headwind jaunt and committed and lost)

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