Posted by: quienessupa | October 9, 2010

Tears for my Mistress

2010-07-31 16.30.04

With Mark Windsheimer’s expertise (, we took the sail off my AtosVR to assess the impact of my downwind flip-wack landing last month…2010-08-14 13.42.06


The good news is that we decided we could epoxy/fiber fix the top of the above downtube and save me 600 plus dollars for a new one.


The bad news is that the right D-cell is structurally compromised.  This long crack meets and then follows above the I-beam with a raised/de-laminated looking bubble for 4-6 inches.  While that’s the part that makes it compromised, you should see the 4ft long crack on the other side of this D-cell.  That picture is a few pic’s further down.  I’m having a difficult time visualizing the way my impact caused these cracks but I suspect that the weight of my body cramming down on the undersurface of the Atos as we did a robust ground tumble could have been the greatest force the wing encountered.  Below picture shows the same crack, but you can see the bubbling over the I-beam better.


The long crack below:

Leaving Mark’s house at 9,000ft with Winter setting up shop.


Remember Mac’n’Cheese?


This problem is far reaching since a new D-cell is $4-6,000.  Haven’t figured out what’s to become of my Zapata aspirations in 2011, except that I’ve been planning my life around it.  If anyone has sponsorship experience, some ideas would be priceless?  Please help!

Recognize this glider I happened upon when I was at this website?  1 Million dollars to the first person to guess his name..


Parts bent/broken:  Heart Bolt, 2 dntube pins, right D-cell

Parts needing repair:  Left D-cell, both Dntubes, flap rope

Sad day…


  1. BJ, real sad to see your mistress in such sad shape. I know what its like to make plans for record chasing. You may want to have someone like Yankee Composites in Northern California have a look at the damage. Sometimes there is some magic that can happen.

    I had started planning on upgrading my 2006 VR to a VR10… then I started to worry about “what if”…. I finally came to the conclusion that if I destroyed my 2006 I would be sad… If I busted a 2010 … I would shoot myself. I hope it all works out for you.


  2. Pilot in that ad is Paul Voit. Hope you have fixed your VR, sad to be without a VR.


    • I take that back, Pilot in the bank ad is Ryan Voit Pauls son.


  3. one QUESTION. How did you get caught landing down wind in 12 mph? I screwed up and didn’t recognize a 10 mph cross and flared to much and ground looped which took out both d-t pins. That was when I was new to my VR.


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