Posted by: quienessupa | December 13, 2010

The Power of the Wagon!

My Dodge Power Wagon (PowerWagon) is officially up for sale on craigslist.


Took her to today and the amount of time they spent washing and buffing out imperfections was amazing.  I don’t recommend things often, but I really was amazed how hard they worked for 4 hours.  $185 bucks and I have a new vehicle.



Every nook and cranny in the interior is shampoo’ d and spotless, hair-less, cheddar-bunny-less…

IMG_6014 IMG_6001

Going to sell her (Gertrude, or Gerti) with all the hang glide racks.  They’ve been super handy on Home Depot trips.




snow truck

LZ gas

Landed my hang glider in an oil pump clearing in Texas.  Picture from the oil derrick ladder!

Wait till you see what I’m replacing her with.  It get’s preferred parking spots in Boulder and probably comes with a driving scarf, a beret, and a star-bucks gift card.  WHATEVER!  My name is BJ for crying out loud.  Think I care what people think of me!  I’m going to drive it like a bad-a33 anyway.


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