Posted by: quienessupa | February 1, 2011

Hours of Airtime in January?!!!



Strong West wind covered the front range till around 1 when the cold front’s first break through’s appeared.  Lookout had a strong surge of 12+ NE wind (YUM) as the stubborn Westerly gusts (DANGER) of 21mph plagued Boulder and Eldorado. 


**Sure seems wrinkly**

I was timid about flying with such a strange frontal passage b/c of the disaster that would ensue if lookouts’ NE wind was a disconnected pulse.  RC pilots reported rough air and it’s direction was clocking around from NE to SSE too quickly for warm fuzzies. 


**Sam the ever ready photographer in the blue PG**

But, while walking up the hill, the dastardly Boulder West wind succumbed to the inevitable power of the front and demonstrated the NE wind shall prevail.  Internet phones could be the best invention ever.


**Sam and Mike**

Here’s a good discussion on how a small error in pre-flight has potential to change your life (accidental parachute deployment):

PS.  I forgot to check my parachute pins Saturday.  Pure rustiness did that to me.  Or complacency.  30 flogs to me. 

Some of Sam’s pictures from the day…




Thanks Sam!  It was a gem of a day to fly in easy air with a fun crowd.  The thirst is quenched and renewed equally.

Airtime:  1.5 hrs

Top landing:  YEP.  Drove the Prius down the hill like a badazz.


  1. Awesome – good to see you are flying again (and posting)

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