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4 Flights at Moose’s Airfield


*One Foot Up*

JT and I both thought the air was glassy smooth this morning.  I took up his 225 falcon early (8:30am?) and then he took a passenger that was there for an adventure.  Unfortunately, looking at the ground on take-off got his stomach rotating around his body so JT cut the flight short.  Bummer it didn’t work out b/c the guy was a peach of an older gent.  He would have loved it.


After the unbelievably smooth tow, and the overwhelming feeling that this flex-wing AeroTow business is settled, I towed up the 225 behind Moose for his first ever non-rigid tow.  He’s got 40 hours in the DragonFly already!  Anyway, it was perfect. 


Went on to tow my Sport2 (Mid-day) for the first time with the tail Mark Windsheimer made… and behind Moose… Perfect flying on both ends of the rope I must say.   


Above is Moose in the Dragonfly (Top Right) 


Tim, our usual DragonFly pilot got to fly his Sport2 today since Moose is tugging now.  Tim, who’s flown a hang glider 3 times in the past 2 years, sure got the rust off quick as he out climbed me in both thermals we shared.  Can’t wait to fly with him more often!  Great day all around… A skosch hot out there, but at 10kft it was 65!  Only Tim could tell us what the temp was at 12!

We used 149.500 today and got to talk with the South Park guys truck towing.  Craig McMillan was at 13kft at the time!  Thanks to Tom B. for helping set up my Sport2!

“All clear on the nautical mile”

Flights:  4

Miles:  2  (Tried a headwind jaunt and committed and lost)

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Atos Crash and Sport2 XC

LookoutAllen  Wifey-poo got me a GoPro HD for my birthday!  It’s time to get back on the blogging horse.  Today at Lookout was a buffet.  Above is Allen banking up his 225 falcon, below is Dean (HG) circling in close with me.


2010-08-14 13.42.39

This August, I came in downwind (12mph) on the Atos and whacked so thoroughly that I ended up on top of the glider.  Luckily, I get a new helmet out of the deal and a chance to reset/bond with my Sport2. 


Above, Mark Denzel and I took one late/low climb back up over the towers in late day bliss.  The birds had come out and were great help.  Below, find the bird in the picture.


This could be a Post Card…




“No Dad, the kitty likes playing in the oven”

This GoPro really deals with the sun better than my old Aiptek HD video camera would.  Brilliant colors come through.


Above/Below: Launch attack mission.


Resounding success.  I thought one guy might drop to the ground when he turned around to see the Sport2 of Terror reigning down on him.  LookoutSpeed Cool new Helmet: Icaro 4Fight.


Both the Icaro 4Fight Hang Gliding Helmet (Left) and the Arai Motorcycle helmet are Larges.  I’ve had 2 of each unfortunately.  Interesting differences.


About to flare.  Notice the background flag shows around 5mph downwind.  Worked great with a deliberate flare.  What a wing.

Also, at the Labor Day Fly-in in Villa Grove, Colorado, Fred caught my 101 mile flight landing on his new Droid X phone.  Great quality.  Wish I had this GoPro for that flight over Blanca Peak (14kft mtn) from 15-18kft.  Felt really small, very free, a little hypoxic, and 110% alive.

Video Link:

PS.  On the way to our new Aerotow site:


Tim let me try flying the DragonFly with him which made my week.  Just flying while sitting down was way out of my comfort zone at first.  Then trying to make coordinated turns using the foot pedals to offset the adverse yaw and avoid wing-overs was a fantastic riotous challenge.  FUN!

bye for now…

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Independence in Telluride


Old WWII plane giving a fantastic fly-by during the parade.  4 F-16’s came by shortly after that gave everyone goose-bumps.  Some tears.  😉  Video of the F-16’s here (PS:  Wait for the 2nd plane):


Video landing my Sport2 at Telluride.  Looks like I was landing downwind…%(&#$:


Jason’s kid, Will, will require close supervision with my daughters in the future.  Cute picture, for now.

2010-07-05 17.42.12

Airtime in T – 20 minutes…

jason's iphone 971

I like this picture Jason took.  The riding is phenomenal.  There’s a new dnhill trail just built that has amazing features including a jump across a road.

jason's iphone 983

Jason’s new I-phone4 took this picture.  The fireworks display and echo’s around the box canyon were mind-blowing.  A camera fell off the microwave back at the house from the percussive shocks.  Better than a concert.


All the kids got a kick out of seeing me land.  Maddie’s got a great expression here. 

Airtime: 2:10


PS, the weekend before at Lake Granby was worthy of mention… Our favorite Irish family, the O’Connell’s show’ d us a great time on the lake…

Juuuuuuust sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,

A tale of a grateful skip (per),

that started on this ‘party barge’,

yes we had more than a sip.

2010-06-26 14.38.08

The Cap’n was mighty sailin man,

the barge a hearty make,

that outran a storm for an hour straight,

till we ran out of lake.

2010-06-26 14.52.22

Mary Ann,


The Skipper Too


The wind picked up and pushed our barge,

It took three of our hats,

But then we heard the ker-plunk, plunk

and I think I might have shat.

2010-06-26 15.20.55


2010-06-26 15.48.07 

The next day was awesome too, but sunny and a more traditional day on the lake.  As a pontoon boat aficionado once told me… “The skies are always clear on the nautical mile”. 

Aye Aye.


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Post Frontal – Golden to Ft. Collins

ge Overview

The previous day brought in a much cooler airmass (10 degree temp drop) from a NW cold front push.  I launched at 12:15pm thinking I was late for a chance to make Wyoming and back, but still optimistic.  I left launch relatively low and headed North hoping Galbraith was pushing all that South wind up. 

***Lucas Ridley of showed up on launch to see what was up.  He’s a Tennessee hg pilot who has some amazing flying videos… One of my favorites: *** 

I didn’t like being this low right out of the start gate but after working a weak thermal, it turned on and shot me up in 600fpm to my highest climb of the day (10.8kft).leaving Lookout low

Boulder had gotten a long soaking rain 12hrs ago and I tried to get as high as possible before jumping across town.  This long glide with a quiet vario was worrisome, but the thermal on the other side of the training hill in N. Boulder put money in the bank again while I watched PG students practice kiting below.  Got to cruise over a metal sailplane and a lime-green helicopter with red/white blades during this glide too. 

Crossing Boulder


The last part of the barogram shows a rewarding save from 400ft that I thought would be the ticket back to the game.  It was good for 1200ft but wasn’t enough to be comfortable crossing the few miles of tiger country ahead so I hung out in a lifty spot with several keep-alive climbs.  Landed just North of the Putre River (near Ted’s Place).  See below:

Tiger Country

Just had 22 miles to go until the Wyoming border.  Since the South wind was 14-17mph and it wasn’t turning more East as forecasted, getting back to Lookout was looking bad.  Luckily, Mark D. hopped in my truck and came to get me.  Half the fun of the day was sharing the famous Rio Grande Margaritas with him in Ft. Collins.

Wyoming border

-2 thermals didn’t drift with the strong wind at all.  One even seemed to bend into the wind over Galbraith mtn, drifting me back South towards Lookout.  I’ve never seen them insult the wind this badly.  Kinda cool, the mass of these things. 

-Bald Eagle and I got very close on one converging turn over Coal Creek Peak and he then out-climbed me like I was a potato sack.

Wing:  Atos VR

XC:  62 miles

Airtime:  4 hrs

Cloudbase:  Once!

Margaritas:  One

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Round Trip ticket to Lyons!

It was a blustery day by Lookout standards.  This history of Lookout Point shows gusts to 25 between 2 and 7pm when I was flying.

Lookout Point



My airspeed (bottom chart) indicates > 30mph until the late day smooth flying.  I just didn’t know when the bottom was going to fall out.  After bouncing less than a minute off launch and a rocket ride for the first 200ft, I was flying with my guard up (among other things). 

 GE Overview

The clouds were helping except some of them I just fumbled around in punishing sink.  Even when I’d get to one in it’s wispy-infancy.  The sink was stomach turning at times.  With the vigorous base wind and the solid lift, the lee side of these thermals was an unfortunate place to be.  More than a few times, I’d approach a cloud, hoping I got my aim right to connect with it’s lift and would just have a trap door open below me.  I spent a good 2kft just trying to define thermal drift to overcome my floundering of the first 1.5 hours.  I guess it’s like a free roller coaster though. 

GE Overview from Lyons

On the return trip, I was in marginal lift over Coal Creek peak and a sailplane came smokin by maybe 100ft below me.  He banked hard and hooked a good 600fpm so I jumped in right at his altitude.  He didn’t flinch a bit and I could see him looking up at me through the window.  Pretty cool and I was wondering if it was ex-HG pilot Bob Ferris.  This thermal, and the huge cloud over Ralston Butte got me back to Lookout.  While I was able to out climb the sailplane, his glide performance left me in the dust.  Huge highlight of the otherwise lonely flight.

Great adventure of a day! It took about 2hrs to get to Lyons, and 2 more to get back.

Wing:  Atos VR

Miles:  75ish

Airtime:  5hr 22min

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