Posted by: quienessupa | October 16, 2008

Airtime quorum

BIG turnout for a school night!!  Collectively, at least 10 hours of airtime was about to be had!  SuWeeet!  Unfortunately, the DIRTBAG RMHPA president was also flying here, and in the air during the monthly RMHPA meeting he was supposed to be running in Golden…  I hope he can be forgiven!


Now that’s a rack?  Sparks took 6 HG’s and a PG up to launch!  I was last to launch again b/c I chit-chat more than I set up the glider.

waving shadow

Above is a picture of me being a sorority chick waving at the camera.  It was fun trying to get the angles right tho!  The moon didn’t come out before the sun set so I was scared to try and stay up into darkness… and man, it gets really hard to keep any depth perception in the shadows.  The glass was only 5-10% as strong as last weeks.  Almost inperceptable further than .5 mile away from the hill..

Town of Heeney

Above: Town of Heeney with the Gore back-drop.

Below:  Where’s the other glider?  Is that db out there?

HG Gore

The reservoir has gone down dramatically since last week…Look at the cool eddies/swirls in the water below:

Eddies in Res Eddies in Res2 Eddies in Res3

I’m guessing b/c of the inversion tendency or the High Press, I couldn’t connect with any significant lift on my adventures out over the valley.  I dove towards a lone cloud and got there during it’s demise which was a bummer and I lost 1.5k just looking around for a piece of rising air, but it was really done, over finito.  Here’s the tracklog:


As the glass was starting I was just barely above the range and made some fast passes by the radio tower.


Below, the pine beetle has really been busy.  Sad to see this:

pine beetle


The High and Low Pressure discussion about the Hadley Cells, the Jet stream and different behavior of the East and West portions of High Pressure systems was fascinating.  Thanks RJ for the great info!  If I ever digest all that, I’ll have more questions!

It was great being able to talk to Greg again who happened to be soaring Wolcott, again.  We also got to chat with the HG pilots over Steamboat.  Sounds like the whole state was enjoying the fall flying.  And special mention to DB that somehow busted up to 14.9k over the valley.  Nice flyin’!

Airtime: 2:15

Flychart Miles: 13

Max Alt:  13,612ft

Thanks again Williams,

The Dirtbag…

PS.  Don’t use sticks instead of toilet paper right before a long flight…

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