Posted by: quienessupa | October 27, 2008

Post Frontal at Lookout

Thermaling w-Andy

Sam, Andy and I are spinning up together.  You can see Sam in the below picture from the usual perspective.  His new wing is perty.  At least the bottom is.

sam and andy

This thermal to 7800 was a big one by today’s standards and I don’t think any of us wanted to meet the rippin westerlies that might be lurking another couple hundred feet up.  So we disbanded shortly after this pic.  It was way cold.  Look at this picture of the inversion and all that cold air pooled in the flats from this mornings cold front.  Looks like LA, but it’s not pollution (Looking North):


Sam went for the towers and I tried playing with wing-overs.  My frickin harness wasn’t cooperating with me and kept putting my head WAY high so I really couldn’t pull on much speed.  Still fun, even tho I felt like a skier from Kansas that just hit the slopes after a Warren Miller film.

M and PGs on launch

Went for a top landing and overshot by a bit so was stuck struggling from launch height and that was too bad.  Rusty is standing on the nose of my shadow…

toplanding attempt

CRAP!  Onward and downward…  It took me a while to kick the bucket I’m proud to say.  Here’s a shot of the people hangin’ out in the middle of the bottom LZ as I’m zooming by…  I had to slow the video WAAAY down to get this picture!

flyby lz

If I had all day, it would’ve been interesting to launch just after the 9am frontal passing.  Also, there was a NICE glass from 3-4pm that I got to watch from the LZ!  Casey had a cool flight, getting up and doing spins or SATs or something fun looking and climbing back up again and again.  Lot of PGs were getting up and then all coming back to top land at the same time as the day’s heat was still building.  With so much sky, it’s crazy how it can get crowded on special days!

allen approach

Here’s Allen taking an approach with me looking over his shoulder.  It was a day that lots of the stuff wouldn’t get you climbing, but it could make zero sink if you focused and that was killer.  8 minutes after launching, I’d only gained 85ft!  I probably shouldn’t turn as close to the hill as I do, but it was were the uppity punches of air seemed to be.  I think I unnerved the RC guys a little bit.  They sounded scared I was gonna hit them or something but I wasn’t THAT close.

launch w-pgs about to go


It was fun!

Airtime:  36 minutes

Highest Alt:  7,800ft

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